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ll links, images and information on this website have been exclusively taken from public Internet sites, here we only tell you how and where you find the information you are looking for, we do not store any type of material. Therefore, we do not infringe any Copyright © or Copyright. Anyone with a program, original game, etc. You have the right to make a backup copy of such material for personal use, in no case do you break the law if you make a backup copy of your original software. If you intend to use this website and its material as the epicenter of your illicit and illegal acts, you are wrong, and any wrong act you do will be your responsibility and in no case the webmasters. If in your country, this type of web is prohibited, only you are responsible for the use you give it. If you know that you can not download movies, software, mp3, images, etc. It is better that you do not enter.

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