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    Bound by Flame XBOX360 free download full version

    Bound by Flame [2014] [Jtag-Rgh][3.21 GB] full

    Bound by Flame XBOX360 free download full version

    In a hopeless world ravaged by the seven Lords of Ice and his army of undead , you are Vulcan , a mercenary demon possessed flame .
    In this RPG, in which all decisions have consequences , you must choose between unleash the power of your inner demon or reject your infernal influence, which intend on absorbing your humanity . Develop your skills and combat style freely choosing from three talent trees : Fighter heavy weapons , stealth Marauder double weapons or spells devastating fire Pyromancer . Recruit companions who live , love , hate and fight at your side against fearsome creatures Vertiel in real-time combat as spectacular as tactical .
    The bigger the risk , the higher your temptation to use demonic power at the expense of your soul. Which path will you choose ?

    Platform: Xbox 360
    Also for : PC PS3 PS4
    Available in : Shopping / Book it for just € 44,95
    Developer: Spiders
    Distributor: Focus Home Interactive
    Genre: RPG , Action RPG ( Fantasy )

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